Mistakes Are Part of the Success

Brian Tracy had an excellent story about mistakes are part of the success. I heard this story from watching his Sunday Seminar in Dubai video on youtube. Here’s the story.

When I in my earlier years I have some military experience…Just leave it at that.  And one of the things I learned was how to shoot the mortar and I’ve always use this as an analogy and we learned about mortars both how to shoot them and what you’d do if somebody shooting mortars at you.

And here is that what we found a really good mortar-man is almost a sniper. They’re very, very accurate.

What they would do is they would see a cluster of enemy troops or a target and it would be thousand yards away and mortar tube as you know is at an angle and you drop the mortar shell down and as it hits the bottom it’s shut off. And so it goes up and comes down and the angle of the tube determines the where the water shell goes up or down this is it flies itself.

So what they would do is they would estimate that the target is about a thousand yards away or say thousand meters. So they would adjust the gauges on the side to 1200 meters and they would shoot and they watch to see where the shell came down and then they would adjust the mortar shell back to 900 meters and they fire again. They just want to see where they came down and used these two points and adjust the mortar and fire again. And they can drop a mortar down in a chimney of a house. They can drop a mortar on a foxhole with third shot the third mortar would be as accurate on pinpoint accuracy likes a sniper. 

So what we were taught is that if somebody shoot you with a mortar net and it goes over your head you think what you guys are real dummy. 

No.  Start moving.  Because the second was going to come in front of you and the third one will be on your head.  So you would literally when the first one came in which was off target you would start moving and move fast because they can go like boom! boom! boom! like within 18 to 20 seconds they could pinpoint you and drop the mortar on your heads.


What does this mean in business? In business it means what we do was we set a clear target, we set a goal and schedule and then we “shoot”. What if we over shoot or under shoot we make mistakes. What you’ll do? Adjust. You keep adjusting until you get to the point it works. So don’t worry about making mistakes. There’s nothing wrong because everybody does it. The main thing is to learn from the mistake and adjust. “