Ask Einstein a Question… And Get an Answer Too

Do you know that you could ask Einstein a question and get an answer?Albert_Einstein_Head

Hmm… Einstein passed away 60 years ago. How could he possibly answer my question now?

Well, if you study everything about Einstein, understand his theories, works, speeches, letters, and conversations with colleagues, with friends and with family members, you’ll have an idea his opinions about many things. You could think what he would answer. This is how he could answer a question today.

Just like building a simulation model and use it to predict things you don’t have an answer yet.

If you study Einstein, you’d learn that he answered many questions in his life time. Many answers already existed, just that you did not know yet before you studied him. The more you know about Einstein, the more accurate your simulation model will be. And the answer will be more like Einstein’s.

Would it matter since this is not a real answer from Einstein? Not at all. This is the answer you could get from the real Einstein, but at the present time.

If he were still alive today, how would Einstein answer the same question? No one knows. Einstein may have the same views to the universe as he had in 1955. His views might as well have changed totally. It’s irrelevant.

So even today, you could asked Einstein a question and get a very good answer.

For that matter, you could ask a question of anyone in history, be it Confucius, Aristotle, Newton or any other wise man.

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