Stocks for the Long Run-By example

In his famous book Stocks for the Long Run Jeremy Siegel stated that “Investing over time in stocks has been a winning strategy whether one starts such an investment plan at a market top or not”.
I came across this article recently and thought it was a great example. Meet the world’s worst market timer, who is so unlucky that every time he invested, market collapsed. But he still made a lot of money by just sticking to a simple long-term investing strategy.

What’s Efficiency?

I think efficiency means doing things well with minimum efforts and wastes. Is a little bit damage of stairs a big issue? Maybe not. What’s the efforts to block it to prevent bad things from happening? Pretty small. Should it be done? Absolutely! To prevent a running escalator tragedy, people first need to learn doing small things well!

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich has Magic. The author said that if you started, you would not be able to stop. I only knew later that it was so true for me. A couple of years ago it started to appear in other books I read. Then more and more books referred to it. I was curious why so I bought the hard copy and started reading. After reading a couple of times I felt that I also needed the audio version to listen in the car, so I ordered the Audible book. Still sometimes I felt the need to borrow the Kindle version from the local library and read it on the phone. I lost count of how many times I went though it. The author was so right about that I could not stop. It’s a book with such magic.


Three Things That I Did Right Yesterday

I used to write down “Three Things That I Could Improve Today” In the evening. However, I found that it works significantly better by just moving it to the morning, and change it to write down “Three Things That I Did Right Yesterday”.

It only takes a few minutes and the gain is an efficient and feel-good whole day.

I think there’s a scientific explanation to this. It’s the difference to focus on positive thinking or negative thinking. Human brain needs some help to decide what to focus, just like when composing a photo shoot.